180 Degrees

I haven’t written in almost two years to this blog, my original intent was to journal the attempt to move my current Army organization to a more lean environment. At first it looked very challenging but somewhat promising. But like I said it’s been two years and no entries. Why?

One glaring reason is Covid, this basically sent everyone home to telecommute so there was no personal interaction for well over a year. Lean could still be learned and attempted together via remote possibilities – but it wasn’t.

Finally the real reason, which is why the title of this entry is 180 degrees is because the Army isn’t interested. I want to write about this failure and turn it into a success by documenting my Army life over the last almost 20 years. I’m in the middle of retiring from active duty and what I want to do is shift focus to capture more of my journey and efforts over the years and try as hard as I can to find the lean relevance along the way.

I hope you will stay tuned in and check back often because this might be relatable and possibly interesting to many. I know my journey has been my own, unique to my introspection and subjectivity but by letting the world gain insight to me I think it will prove to be not so unique. I hope that the following entries will seem like you wrote them, I want people to share in the commonality, laughter, tears, failures and triumphs as if they are yours.

Author: TheLeanArmy

I am a student of Lean, on the journey and most challenging opportunity to introduce and implement Lean principles and thinking in my portion of the United States Army. * Completely unofficial and all information is my sole opinion, not endorsed by the government and for personal use.

One thought on “180 Degrees”

  1. Looking forward to your unique experiences. As you’ve noted in your blog Lean is a culture change and that requires buy-in/leading by example from the top, generally the base of most resistance. Words matter, action matters more!


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